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KB 'The Underdark' Campaign Patch

3" Standard Knight Blade Patch

Price: $2.00
'Knight of the Pumpkins' Fall 1 Oct 2011

Our First KB patch. Beware the Spice!

Price: $2.00
'A Lesson in Pain' Fall 1 2012

A special thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and give design ideas.
And special thanks to Hannah/Keaya for the actual design.

Price: $2.00
'War Day' Nov 2012

Our second Special Event. Citizens of Stormhammer take the fight to the Duchy.

Price: $2.00
KB 5 Year Anniversary Challenge Coin

2012 witnessed Knight Blades' 5-Year Anniversary.
To celebrate that, we presented Jay with the first ever Knight Blades Challenge Coin.
Sequentially numbered 5 to 55, Jay was presented with both the first and last of the run

These individually numbered challenge coins honor the citizens of Stormhammer - Clerics, Mages, Warriors, and Rogues - with aspects of their classes within the design. Can you find them all?

Price: $20.00